Audience Avenue provides expert audience engagement solutions for arts & cultural organizations of every size and genre.

Our passion is to make your organization mindful and purposeful in every facet of how it attracts, sustains, cultivates, and diversifies its audience as well as how it engages its community.

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Audiences EverywhereWorkshop

The next time someone advises you to “pick the low-hanging fruit,” tell them that you have replaced that antiquated marketing approach with a compelling new framework for attracting, strengthening, cultivating and diversifying your customer base.

Today’s greatest business imperative is to evolve beyond merely the transaction of attracting customers.  Learn how to cultivate an extraordinary customer relationship powered by avid engagement, deep loyalty and a vigorous commitment to evolving expectations of value. – MORE

Opportunity Everywhere™ Workshop

Arts Entrepreneurs Inspired & Emboldened!  Relevance meets revenue in a hands-on workshop that provides arts & cultural innovators with the tools to drive their organizations in powerful directions.  You’ll learn how to deconstruct your organization’s business model into seven component parts – and then discover your creative ability to rebuild it in ways far more powerful and sustaining.  Come prepared to challenge your organization’s status quo! No financial expertise required. – MORE

Meet the Patrons

What quality of relationship does your organization most yearn for with its audience?  You’re invited to a candid, thought-provoking, and entirely unscripted conversation with real members of your own audience and the community you serve. This is NOT a discussion that you’ll watch anonymously from behind a one-way mirror.  We facilitate real, in-person conversations that connect audience members with your entire Board, staff and/or key stakeholders. You’ll emerge with powerful insights gleaned from this special opportunity to receive answers to the questions you most want to ask.

Audience Development 2022:  The Futurecast Workshop

Technology and demographics are transforming the world in profound and unstoppable ways.  Do you respond with denial or resistance?  Does your organization address them as threats or opportunities?  This workshop is all about addressing change; to help leaders of professional arts & cultural organizations discover new pathways to audience development.

Three objectives drive this workshop:  1) Advance Artistic Mission, 2) Enhance Financial Sustainability, and 3) Strengthen Audience Engagement.  For a full 3 hours, we’ll discuss, reflect, strategize, debate, analyze, dream, plan and ponder creative ways to harness technological advancement and adapt to demographic shifts (among others).

This isn’t mere brainstorming for the fun of it.  From this exercise you will take away:

  • Vivid expectations of the world 5 years from now.
  • An introduction to an on-going organizational process to nurture strategic options and opportunities.
  • Insights into the evolving nature of business-to-consumer interconnection: Transactions, Relationships & Communities.
  • A collection of creative ideas from which to spark even more innovative discussions. 


Engagement Diagnostic

From your audience’s perspective, there are just two things that matter:  the promises you MAKE and the promises you KEEP.  How satisfied are you that your marketing, fundraising and corporate communications are accomplishing either?  How confident are you that your customer service is consistently achieving the standard you expect?  Expect an Engagement Diagnostic to pinpoint the leaks that depress revenue, raise expense and diminish your organization’s audience retention.

Opportunity Assessment

At the intersection of relevance and revenue exists the potential to fundamentally transform your organization. Grounded in your mission statement and strategic priorities, an Opportunity Assessment reaches beyond today’s challenges to research and illuminate creative new options and opportunities for which your organization is uniquely positioned.  Isn’t it time to invigorate your organization’s efforts?

Strategic Planning

Whether facilitating a one-day leadership retreat or guiding a complex, organization-wide process, trust the Audience Avenue team to design a method that will get you where you need to be.  Engage staff and stakeholders to take stock of your organization’s current situation, address sensitive topics, and emerge with the ability to chart your company’s most promising pathway forward.

Community Arts & Cultural Planning

Placemaking deserves to be much more than an academic exercise! Providing a forum to energize your community to dream large, we generate the kind of enthusiasm that can achieve consensus around great visions and impactful opportunities for your community’s future. Our inclusive process invites broad participation as together we create exciting ideas, weigh options and build trust en route to ultimately achieving your community’s best goals in the form of a compelling and articulated Cultural Plan.  MORE 

One-on-One Coaching

Matt Lehrman works individually with leaders of arts and cultural organizations to brainstorm, uncover resources, evaluate options, and achieve clarity of purpose. It’s never the job of a coach to tell you what to do, but it’s always valuable to have a trusted sounding board to guide you to success.  Your first coaching session is FREE!  CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment.