Opportunity Everywhere™ Workshop

Arts Entrepreneurs:  Inspired & Empowered!


Relevance meets revenue in a hands-on workshop that provides arts & cultural innovators the tools to drive their organizations in powerful new directions.

Together, we’ll open up the hood and pull out the 7 “engine” parts that are common to ALL organizations’ business models.  You’ll learn how to repair and refine those components and then restore them in ways to make your organization more engaging, accomplishment-focused and financially sustainable.

Absolutely no financial experience is required.

Value to attendees:

You’ll emerge from this workshop with essential knowledge and skills for recognizing the wide range of options and opportunities that exist on the “audience side” of any organization’s mission statement.

Embrace your opportunity for creative entrepreneurial disruption!  Come prepared to shake up your organization’s status quo! These lessons are substantive and inspirational.  You’ll emerge feeling energized and empowered.

You’ll learn:

  • The 7 essential engine parts of every non-profit organization’s business model.
  • How to create a dashboard that reveals the trajectory of your organization’s business model.
  • What is the best articulation of your organization’s value proposition – and what are the top 3 investments you can make to embolden it.
  • How to find and test for business options and opportunities in your market.
  • What options and opportunities result from the changing nature of philanthropy.
  • What are best practices nationally to grow financial, human, intellectual and physical resources.

Who should attend:

Those desiring to energize and advance their organizations’ missions in extraordinary ways, including CEO’s/Executive/Managing Directors, Artistic Directors, Curators, Development & Marketing Professionals and Board Leaders from organizations large and small and from any arts and cultural genre. Engage & empower young professionals and emerging leaders, too, by including them in this workshop experience.

What participants are saying about Audience Avenue workshops:

  • “Matt is a dynamic presenter. He looks at the mission of arts organizations in inspiring ways and has given me a lot to think about.”
  • “Great! Very effective communicator, thought–provoking concepts.”
  • “Wow! Learned so much… came away totally inspired. Matt is so engaging and entertaining!” 
  • “Fast-paced but interactive, I didn’t feel left behind.”
  • “Dynamic, to the point, no holds barred. Matt makes you uncomfortable enough to truly think about what it will take to improve your organization’s contribution to the community and therefore your audience.”

 Available in a variety of formats:

checkmark  Keynote (30 to 60 minutes)

checkmark  Presentation (up to 90 minutes)

checkmark  Workshop (half-day)

checkmark  Seminar (full-day or multiple days)