Public involvement deserves to be a welcoming, trustworthy, respectful and productive exercise.  Trust Matt Lehrman for services in:

  • Process Design – to set a high standard for inclusive public engagement.
  • Large & Small Group Facilitation – to fairly and expertly manage processes of public engagement.
  • Situation Management – to foster dialogue and find focus when addressing sensitive matters.

From small-group listening sessions to high-profile public visioning exercises, Matt Lehrman energizes participants, conveys meaningful information, inspires creative thinking, and sparks thoughtful dialogue around options and opportunities.













Featured Video: Interactive Public Meetings Hope to Shape Fort Worth Arts Future

“The greatest ambition for a Cultural Plan is to unite a city’s diverse population in a bold and authentic statement of shared desires and expectations.  Matt designed and facilitated a series of public meetings, held throughout the city, affording the breadth of our community the opportunity to meaningfully participate in creative and energizing discussions.

“Participants evaluated the sessions saying things like, ‘best public meeting ever’ to ‘fun’ and ‘unexpected’.   Matt was able to work magic with rooms ranging from 20 to 200 participants.  The meetings were inclusive, respectful and inviting and the insights we gathered from the exercises Matt led were priceless.

“Thanks to Matt’s expertly-executed public process, our community’s Cultural Plan won’t just be a list of what we are planning to do – but a place of real connection and excitement for the people of our community who will continue to play a vital role in transforming that plan into reality.”

– Jody Ulich, President, Arts Council of Fort Worth