Highlights of a keynote presentation by Matt Lehrman, Principal of Audience Avenue, LLC.

The New Engagement Imperative: How to Grow Your Audience

All the World’s a Stage – YOUR Stage!

Your customers are the audience and you are the director of their journey – from attention, commitment, and anticipation to arrival, experience, and encore.  It’s simply not enough that you offer quality and value.  Whether on-site or on-line, your prospects and customers demand (and deserve) even more.  Learn to provide your customers a relationship that’s worth every bit of their attention and loyalty.  

This energizing presentation is brimming with real-life examples and creative strategies for how to inform, inspire and entertain your customers.  Let’s make your business one from which your customers will rise to give YOU a standing ovation!

Keynote and Workshop takeaways:

  • Recognize the evolution of customer service – from Transactions to Relationships to Communities.
  • Illuminate every facet of the customer engagement process: attract, build, cultivate, diversify and entertain.
  • Calculate the bottom-line benefit of loyalty & customer engagement.
  • Achieve a cohesive and actionable understanding of consumer expectations for Social Connection, Relevance, Extraordinary Entertainment, Emotional Connection and Discovery.
  • Embrace a holistic framework of customer engagement as Devoted, Oriented, Asleep and Uninspired.
  • Discover business opportunities at the intersection of profit and betterment.

Who should attend:

You know how it feels to be in a concert venue or theater right before the show begins – tapped into a collective sense of eagerness and trust for the journey ahead?  This topic is ideal for business owners, managers and professionals who need, want and intend to cultivate such an incredible spirit of support among their own customers.

What business people are saying:

  • “A must attend event.  A 90-minute investment for a lifetime of reward.”
  • “Great presentation and breakdown of how we as a local business are viewed by community and clients.”
  • “This presentation leapfrogs common marketing ideas and jumps straight to inspiring clients.”
  •  “Fabulous presentation to get business owners thinking about opportunities to engage with their customers.”
  • “Excellent relevant information that you can apply to your business, very useful and engaging presentation.”