Your Customer Engagement Solutions Start Here

  • How would your team work differently if they could see the world through the eyes of your customers?
  • What wasteful efforts would you cease immediately if your customers told you that they didn’t appreciate them?
  • What value could be unlocked if your team members were inspired to explore the opportunities of the future?

Let’s talk about YOUR situation


Your Customer/Your Audience

All the world’s a stage – your stage!  Your customers are the audience and you are the director of their journey – from attention, commitment and anticipation to arrival, experience and encore.  It’s not enough to provide quality and value; your customers expect to be engaged and entertained.   Pull back the curtain and let a theater and arts marketing expert reveal the art of delivering a customer relationship that is worth every bit of their attention and loyalty.  Let’s get your customers rising to give YOU a standing ovation!  MORE

Your Business in 2022:  The Futurecast Workshop

Technology and demographics are among the forces transforming the world in profound and unstoppable ways. Nothing is permanent except change. Do you respond with denial or resistance?  Does your company recognize them as threats, opportunities or does it fail to recognize them entirely?

In an immersive and visionary exercise, Matt Lehrman teaches business leaders to anticipate, adapt and drive change by creating energizing meetings and retreats in which management teams, departments, boards, and groups can dream, debate and plan ways to create value, drive profitability and strengthen customer engagement. This isn’t mere brainstorming for the fun of it.  This is the launch of meaningful strategic planning.


Engagement Diagnostic

From your customers’ perspective, there are just two things that matter:  the promises you MAKE and the promises you KEEP.  How confident are you that your customer service is consistently achieving the standard you expect?  Are your standards even high enough?  Expect an Engagement Diagnostic to pinpoint the leaks that depress revenue, raise expense and diminish your organization’s customer retention.

Opportunity Assessment

To what extent is your business merely conducting a transaction with its customers versus launching a meaningful relationship? An Opportunity Assessment systematically uncovers new possibilities for connection – especially connections that fuel discovery and cultivate personal meaning.  Use this service to find out not just how you satisfy your customers – but how you inspire their long-term passion and loyalty!