Highlights of a recent Audiences Everywhere™ presentation for the Arts Council of Indianapolis.

Audiences Everywhere™ Workshop

Get Smarter, Grow Stronger & Gain Audiences

The next time someone advises you to “pick the low hanging fruit” tell them that you have replaced that antiquated marketing approach with a compelling new framework for attracting, strengthening, cultivating, and diversifying your customer base.

Today’s greatest business imperative is to evolve beyond merely the transaction of attracting customers.  Learn how to cultivate extraordinary customer relationships powered by avid engagement, deep loyalty and a vigorous commitment to evolving expectations of value.

Learn to innovate audience development strategies that directly engage the four types of audiences:  Devoted, Oriented, Asleep and Uninspired.

Value to attendees:

This workshop delivers profound and practical guidance on how to advance your organization’s “holy trinity”:  artistic mission, financial stability and audience engagement.

Discover a whole-organization approach to understanding and serving your audience. Through actionable insights and real-world examples, you’ll emerge with the ability to challenge outdated conventional wisdom and inspire innovation and alignment at every level of your organization – from your Board to your front-line staff.

You’ll learn:

  • Why it’s necessary to evolve from a “push” to a “pull” paradigm for engaging audiences,
  • How to reimagine marketing as a means to meaningfully connect your audience to your organization’s mission,
  • How to answer the question “Who is “our audience” by learning to create and use personas,
  • Where, when, and how to make audience-building a priority for everyone in your organization,
  • What is the bottom line of audience engagement – and how to improve it immediately and dramatically!

Who should attend:

Those ready to innovate their organization’s approach to building and diversifying audiences, including CEO’s/Executive/Managing Directors, Artistic Directors, Curators, Development & Marketing Professionals and Board Leaders from organizations large and small and from any arts and cultural genre.

Highly Recommended: Attend this workshop with your entire leadership team in order to most creatively affect the way your organization approaches its future.

What participants are saying:

  • “Mind-opening, rut-clearing, possibility-renewing.”
  • “…Shattered old perceptions and inspired the group to see their charge in new ways. All with a caring, light-hearted touch that really works.”
  • “The presentation was innovative…I walked away invigorated.”
  •  “Dynamic, fast-paced and thought provoking. Really got me thinking beyond anything our group has yet imagined.”
  • “The program opened my eyes to ways of seeking my potential audience and devoted members that I never would have realized on my own.”

 Available in a variety of formats:

checkmark  Keynote (30 to 60 minutes)

checkmark  Presentation (up to 90 minutes)

checkmark  Executive Session (90 minutes to 2 hours)

checkmark  Workshop (half-day)

checkmark  Advanced & Applied Session (half-day)

checkmark  Seminar (full-day or multiple days)

Presentations at every level can be tailored to the appropriate interests of its audience:  policy & strategy (for Board, stakeholders and executives) to nitty-gritty tactics (for staff planning and execution).