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Who is YOUR audience?  Customers – Attendees – Clients – Residents – Friends & Followers – Community – Visitors – Constituents – Members – Stakeholders – Managers – Board of Directors – Staff Team – Alumni – Stakeholders

Audience Avenue LLC is expert at serving all sorts of companies, causes, municipalities, and arts & cultural organizations – from assessing and improving overall audience development strategies to providing engagement solutions that achieve specific short-term objectives.

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What They’re Saying

  • For some, arts marketing is a career. For Matt Lehrman, it’s a calling. His enthusiasm is genuine and infectious.

    “Best Cheerleader for the Arts,” Arizona Republic, March, 2011

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  • Extremely practical, informative and engaging! Great presentation using hard data and experiences.

    arts organization marketing director

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  • …It wasn't just useful in terms of entrepreneurship and what makes a business successful, I was also able to apply it to many aspects of my studies, personal interests, relationships with others, and personal goals and aspirations.

    college student, business major

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  • Certainly inspires me to take new risks and reminds me, “I work in a creative industry, I should get more creative!

    arts organization executive director

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  • One of the greatest challenges is overcoming the trap of doing things safely and the “right” way. Matt encourages attendees to embrace creative and innovative solutions to our problems.

    managing director, theatre company

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Matt Lehrman’s Blog:
Audience Wanted

NEA Funding: Beyond Votes, We Must Grow the Applause
March 16, 2017

The President’s budget proposal to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts is merely an “opening argument.”  A very long legislative process now begins which will, hopefully, culminate in a b...


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Detroit, MI April 27, 2017 CultureSourceAudiences Everywhere™ Workshop

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