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Your foremost business imperative is to transform mere buyers into a vibrant, diverse and dedicated community of people willing and eager to join you on a meaningful journey – an audience!

Audience Avenue LLC provides expert services to arts & cultural organizations, charitable organizations, municipalities and companies in many service and product sectors that recognize their imperative to innovate their approach to loyalty and customer engagement.

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What They’re Saying

  • For some, arts marketing is a career. For Matt Lehrman, it’s a calling. His enthusiasm is genuine and infectious.

    “Best Cheerleader for the Arts,” Arizona Republic, March, 2011

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  • For the first time in my life, I attended a dialog that promoted change and collaboration with the people who had the power to make it happen.

    Audiences Everywhere™ workshop participant

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  • Certainly inspires me to take new risks and reminds me, “I work in a creative industry, I should get more creative!”

    Opportunity Everywhere™ workshop participant

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  • One of the greatest challenges as a theater professional is overcoming the trap of doing things safely and the “right” way. Matt encourages attendees to embrace creative and innovative solutions to our problems.

    Opportunity Everywhere™ workshop participant

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  • Matt’s presentation was informative and engaging. His vast experience in the arts brought a wealth of knowledge to the workshop. He is a BIG THINKER and was inspiring.

    Opportunity Everywhere™ workshop participant

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Matt Lehrman’s Blog:
Audience Wanted

Nominations for Audience Development Innovation
August 2, 2016

No Good Deed Goes UNPUBLISHED.   That’s my motto – and why I ask: Have you seen an example of an arts organization doing something REMARKABLE in the pursuit of audience development – something espe...


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